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Facebook PoPout Like box for blogger

How to add Static Facebook Popout Like Box to blogger ??? Facebook popup like box for blogger ??? How To Find Your Google+ Profile ID ???

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Track your emails using Bananatag

Want to track your sent email, whether it opened or not or they just igonored it ? Here is the solution for it, Hit this link Bananatag But, How Bananatag Works ?? Bananatag embeds a small, 1 pixel by 1 pixel transparent image in each email, hosted on their servers. When you open the email, …

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Tweet more than 140 characters !

Tall Tweets is a web app to help you write longer tweets that have more than 140 characters. You can use it from your desktop or your mobile phone. Tall Tweets – An elegant solution for long tweets. It will slice your tweet into multiple smaller tweets of 140 characters or less, and publishes them …

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Send your Gmail Attachments directly to GoogleDrive

Save Gmail Attachments in Google Drive Google is leveraging its Drive online storage tool to make email attachments easier. Gmail users will have the option to attach files up to 10GB in size that are stored in their Google Drive when sending messages. That’s obviously a lot bigger than most standard email attachments, but there …

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Send and Control url using Framote

Remote URL control Framote is a tool to share multiple websites without the need for the user to reload or even touch a thing. Your Framote URL will have an initial embed website wich you’ll be able to change anytime at your Control URL. The devices which have the Framote URL opened will be updated …

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Play android games on pc

Want to play Android games on your Windows PC, then you need BlueStacks App Player. The first beta version of the App Player was released today for general public with a host of pre-loaded Android apps and direct access to download more. Improving a lot from the Alpha version that was made available last year, …

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How to feed Blog posts to facebook

The best way to increase your blog visitors is to share the post periodically on Facebook Page or twitter. RSS Graffiti makes it easy to share your blog posts, Twitter updates, YouTube videos and other social activity with your friends and fans on Facebook. You can use RSS Graffiti with any website or social application …

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how to make Sticky post on Wordpress

Step 1: Connect to your wordpress account Step 2: Create New post by choosing Add New. Step 3: Give Sticky Post Title and fill the Post content. Step 4: Check Stick this post to the front page check box Option under Visibility. Step 5: If you want, Check required option password protected , private. Step …

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