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what is SRT format ????

Ever watched a movie with subtitles? Chances are, if you downloaded it, then those subtitles were stored in a SRT file. Then, What is SRT file ? The SubRip file format is “perhaps the most basic of all subtitle formats.” SubRip (SubRip Text) files are named with the extension .srt, and contain formatted plain text. …

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Feeback widget for Blogger

This widget will help you to know what your viewers think about your blog and it really gives a pro-look to your blog. Alright here we go : Step 1: First go and create a Feedback form with the help of this post. Step 2:Choose Sign Up Now to create free account and verify. Step …

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Complete Guide to the ePUB Format for E-Books

This article describes how you can download ebooks in epub format for free, how to read epub ebooks on your desktop or mobile phones and how to convert PDF, Word and other documents into the ePUB ebook format. ePub is a standard e-book file format that is supported by all popular e-book reading device including …

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How to Create an eBook from Wikipedia Articles

You can bundle your favorite Wikipedia articles in a nicely formatted ebook and read it offline on any mobile phone, ebook reader or Tablet. The Wikipedia website now includes tools to help you create formatted ebooks using content from one or more Wikipedia pages – as ebook in the various format(ePUB, PDF). You can read …

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TCS c++ interview questions and answers for freshers

What is C++? Released in 1985, C++ is an object-oriented programming language created by Bjarne Stroustrup. C++ maintains almost all aspects of the C language, while simplifying memory management and adding several features – including a new datatype known as a class (you will learn more about these later) – to allow object-oriented programming. C++ …

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Aptitude Sample Paper with Answers !!

1)APTITUDE TEST: Directions for Questions 1-3 : Choose the option which will correctly fill the blank. 1. This train travels from London ______ Paris. 1. at 2. to 3. over 4. below Ans: B 2. We stood at the back ______ the theater. 1. of 2. on 3. in 4. for Ans: of 3. I …

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