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Protect your office files with Password !!!

Set a password in a Word/Excel/PowerPoint document Click here to know more : Protect your files

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Send your Gmail Attachments directly to GoogleDrive

Save Gmail Attachments in Google Drive Google is leveraging its Drive online storage tool to make email attachments easier. Gmail users will have the option to attach files up to 10GB in size that are stored in their Google Drive when sending messages. That’s obviously a lot bigger than most standard email attachments, but there …

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Explain the difference between DBMS and RDBMS ?

DBMS: DBMS offers organized way of storing, managing and retrieving information. A DBMS is a storage area that persist the data in files. To perform the database operations, the file should be in use. Relationship can be established between 2 files. There are limitations to store records in a single database file depending upon the …

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Finally Windows 8 Released to Dazzle your Computers Screen Njoy !!!!!

Finally the mush awaited revolutionized windows version Windows 8 is released with the most stable and secure report. Windows 8 Pro is released in 37 languages and within 140 countries. Steven Sinofsky the company’s president said that it is the most tested out version ever with 1,240,000,000 hours of testing in public in 190 countries. …

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