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Send your Gmail Attachments directly to GoogleDrive

Save Gmail Attachments in Google Drive

Google is leveraging its Drive online storage tool to make email attachments easier.

itscet-google drive

Gmail users will have the option to attach files up to 10GB in size that are stored in their Google Drive when sending messages. That’s obviously a lot bigger than most standard email attachments, but there are a few handy tools that Drive in Gmail brings in addition to large file sizes.

When you are reading a Gmail message on your mobile, the message contains one or more file attachments, you apply a label (say GoogleDrive) to that message and automatically all those attachments are saved to one of the folders on your Google Drive.

itscet-GD label

And since Google Drive will automatically synchronize with your desktop folders.


The saved email attachments will instantly download and become available on your local disk as well for offline viewing.

itscet-GD system

Setting the Stage

If you would like to have a similar setup for your Gmail and Google Drive, all you need is a minute. Just follow these easy steps:

1.Assuming that you are logged in to your Google account, create a copy of this sheet in your Google Docs (now Google Drive).

2. Open the sheet and you should see a new Gmail menu – click Initialize and grant the necessary permissions. This is your sheet (see source code) and you are not sharing your Google credentials or data with anyone else.

3.Next go the Gmail menu again and select Run. Close the Google sheet and you are done.

How it Works?

Here’s how the program works. The Google sheet will monitor your Gmail mailbox in the background (every two minutes) and as soon as it finds any message that has a label GoogleDrive, it will automatically save all the attachments in that message to the Gmail folder on your actual Google Drive.

Once the basic setup is ready, apply the label GoogleDrive to any of your email messages in Gmail and the attached files should become available in your Drive (both online and offline) in the next few minutes.


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