iT Portal

Send and Control url using Framote

Remote URL control

Framote is a tool to share multiple websites without the need for the user to reload or even touch a thing. Your Framote URL will have an initial embed website wich you’ll be able to change anytime at your Control URL.

The devices which have the Framote URL opened will be updated almost instantly.

This tool is pretty simple, at least over the basics. It uses an iframe to load the embed website, and makes AJAX requests every 1.2 seconds to check the actual URL. If it has been modified, the script simply changes the src attribute.

There’s some problems with loading URLs on an iframe, I know that so I’m trying to improve this tool at any chance I have.

How to use it ?

To get started,

Go to


you can specify any website – say

itscet-framote 1

Framote will create a unique URL for that site. You can share that URL with a group of people and everyone will see the same website on their screens. If you update the underlying website at your end, all the other screens are refreshed automatically.

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