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Play android games on pc

Want to play Android games on your Windows PC, then you need BlueStacks App Player.

The first beta version of the App Player was released today for general public with a host of pre-loaded Android apps and direct access to download more.

Improving a lot from the Alpha version that was made available last year, the current beta allows you to play even the most graphic-intensive Android games on your PC, thanks to the in-built hardware graphics acceleration.

Using the company’s LayerCake technology, BlueStack beta is basically converting the ARM compatible Android apps to run on x86 platform and that too with a great efficiency. It uses PC’s graphics card to run graphic intensive apps/games or replicates accelerometer input for the apps via mouse interactions or arrow keys.

Company has also partnered with developers of Fruit Ninja, SliceIt, Nook, Townsmen, Evernote, Defender and StumbleUpon to pre-load their apps on the beta version of BlueStacks App Player. Users will also have access to GetJar, 1Mobile, and Amazon to get more Android apps and games within the App Player itself.

So, rather than buying the paid PC version of Angry Birds Space, you can now just grab the free ad-supported Android version and play it on your Windows PC.


To check out and enjoy the BlueStacks App Player, you can download from

Download Location 1

Download Location 2

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    awesome post !!

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