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Budget – Low Cost Tablets in India

It all started with an Apple, and then there were “me-too” tablets mushrooming from every corner of the world.

Although the concept of “low-cost” and hence low-functionality tablets beats the whole purpose of having a portable computer in your hands, but following the principle of something is better than nothing, these devices do have found it’s place with many of the Indian consumers.

Why it has though, the reasons are highly debatable. The mind-set people have about expensive gadgets, is one.

But we are also very positive that, once the consumer will get a feel about what a basic tablet is all about, they will eventually shift to buying better, and definitely, pricier solutions to those entry-level ones.

Here is the list of budget tablets which are or soon will be made available for the people:

1. Aakash (by Datawind): Since the time of it’s announcement, Aakash garnered a lot of attention. And by a lot, we mean A LOT. Nobody believed that a tablet computer would be made at under US$35, but there it was, smiling in full glory and showing the world that impossible is nothing. And then, it fell on its face and the smile was wiped off. The first installment of Aakash was so buggy, that people who used it for an hour or two, threw it out of their windows. The tablet was stopped from being produced any further and plans for newer iteration began.
2. Aakash2 (aka Ubislate7+): Datawind mustered and came back with a better device in their second try and succeeded. This time, they pulled a few tricks up their sleeves in terms of better processor, video calling option, and a more responsive and stable experience.

3.Pantel T-Pad IS701D:The most recent player in this league is the offspring of BSNL and Pantel’s partnership into the tablet area of computing. we have been talking about for a while now, so you can hit the link and get to know more about the same.

4. Mercury mTab:Although not very cheap, this is another tablet at under Rs 10,000 with ho-hum features and terrible price-to performance ratio, which means it’s not making into your house this season, or any season for that matter, not at this price point at least.

5.Beetel Magiq II:The stripped down version of original Beetel Magiq, this had a capacitive touch-screen for a change. Better performance and dual cameras were traded with battery life and internal storage. Available for Rs 9599, this should be on the walls of your house, as a homage to a device which passed away.

6.Reliance 3G Tab:From the house of ADAG, comes a device well priced for the features it has to offer. You can pick one for Rs 12999 and it gets our recommendation.

7.Wespro Digital ePad:All we can say is you can get better things at this price for a tablet which is as good as a brick. Price – Rs 5999.

8.Binatone Surf MID:British based weird named company has brought similarly weird named ‘Surf MID’ which they claim to be “Indian-ised” for the budget conscious users with high expectations. No hands on treatment yet, but the device seems pretty good. Priced at Rs 8999.

9.HCL Sakshat:Offers the same basic functionality at the expense of 3G connectivity and GPS. Better for people who are on an even tighter budget. All available for Rs 1800.

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