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How To: Install Windows 7 From USB Drive

Default Installing Windows 7 From USB Drive 3 Steps Easy Process

I’m going to list below 3 easy options for you to put the ISO image of your Windows 7 copy onto a USB stick, then install Windows 7 to your computer from your USB stick instead of burning a DVD and wasting a disc. Installing from a USB drive shaves a few minutes or so off the install time.


-Make sure your motherboard is capable of booting off a USB stick or this will not work
-Backup any files on your USB stick because it will be formatted
-Make sure your USB stick is big enough to fit the Windows 7 ISO image
-If you are having trouble booting off your USB stick, make sure it is the first item listed in your boot order located in your BIOS settings

-Also, this is important so remember this, after you boot from your USB key and it copies the Windows 7 files over and installs them, it will restart your computer to finish the setup, right after it finishes this screen shown here it will reboot. Make sure you unplug your USB key from your computer on the first restart so it doesn’t boot off your USB key again and start the installation process over.

1st Option – Microsoft’s Official Tool (Try This First)

Download Microsoft’s official tool to install Windows 7 from your USB stick, the tool was removed from Microsoft’s website for a short time because evidently the tool violated the GNU’s General Public License (GPL) for using open source code, but Cnet has the file hosted. *UPDATE* Microsoft now has the tool listed on their website again. Links below:…?tag=mncol;pop

*UPDATE* The tool can now be downloaded again from the MS Store:…B-DVD-tool.exe

2nd Option – Use Unetbootin

Follow the guide in the link below to use Unetbootin to Install Windows 7 from your USB drive, Unetbootin doesn’t install anything to your computer unlike UltraISO, so I would use unetbootin if the 1st option above does not work for you.…-simple-steps/

3rd Option – Use UltraISO

1) Download the free UltraISO trial by clicking on this
2) Start UltraISO as administrator
3) “Burn” the iso image to the USB stick by following these steps

With UltraISO:
– Open the image of Vista/Win7 with UltraISO
– Choose your USB stick under “Disk Drive”
– Choose a method (It’s recommended to use USB-HDD+)
– Press Write
– Make sure to change your BOOT order in BIOS to boot from your USB drive first

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