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How to make your Blog popular in 4 easy Steps

As a full time Internet Marketer, I get A LOT of business related questions from people all over the world. Overall, I would say the most commonly asked question would have to be “what’s the best way to build a business online”. ..

I get that damn question on a weekly basis if not daily! Usually I don’t tell people exactly what to do because it’s hard for me to give 1 answer for everyone. However, if I someone held a gun to my face and yelled “what’s the best way to build a business online”, I would have to shout “start a blog”. (LOL)

Yes – I would say blogging is by far the best online marketing tool/platform that just about anyone can use to grow their business from scratch. Why? Simply because you can do anything with a blog, a blog offers so much diversity. You have more options with blogging than any other online marketing strategy.

Anyway, my point is having a blog is essential in this age, but then there’s the other question… How you can actually make your blog popular. So I thought I’d write a post on “how to make your blog popular in just 8 simple steps”. I’ve used these exact steps to go from nowhere to an alexa ranking of 8000! That means my blog was/is the 8000th most popular site on the Internet. Not bad considering it’s still an infant at a little over 2 years old.

So here are 4 dead simple strategies anyone can use to make their blog popular!

Blog Commenting

Marketers have been using blog commenting for years to grow their blogs and boost their sites’ search engine rankings. Right now, blog commenting isn’t as effective as it used to be – SEO wise. However it’s great for attracting new readers, growing your market presence and gaining one way backlinks. Whenever you scroll to the bottom of a blog post, you should see a little comment box where you can input your name, email, website and comment…

To grow your blog you should be actively commenting on around 10 of the biggest blogs in your niche. By actively I mean commenting on every new blog post they publish. So there are really 4 reasons to start blog commenting:

Traffic Generation
Gaining Authority
Repeat Visitors

The cool thing about blog commenting is that it gets your blog in front of thousands of readers! Let’s take the Internet Marketing niche for example; there are over 10 blogs that all have 100,000+ readers. I’m talking regular readers! By commenting on all 10 blog’s latest posts, you’re putting your website in front of a whopping 1 million people! Sure, the number is actually much less but you get the point.

Other blog’s readers will read their posts, scroll down to the comments and if they read a nice insightful comment by you – they may well click through to your blog! You really should read my full blog comment marketing strategy.

2. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is huge if you’re in the Internet Marketing/financial niche. It’s basically where you write full blog posts for other blogs in your niche. I know, I know, it sounds a little crazy to guest post on other people’s blogs… At least that’s what I first thought when I heard the idea. Writing high quality posts for someone else’s blog, hmmm… What’s the benefit?


In a nutshell; guest blogging opens your blog up to massive networks of people. Let’s take CopyBlogger for example. I don’t know how many subscribers that blog has, but well over 100,000. So whenever a new post gets published on CopyBlogger, over 100,000 souls get notified about the post. The post could be yours! Generally in every guest post you publish, you’re allowed 2 links back to your own blog/website.

So all of those blog subscribes (100,000+ in this case) would head over to your blog, thousands would read it and hundreds if not thousands would click through to your blog. Many of which would become loyal subscribers and customers of yours! Here’s a link to my full guide to guest blogging.

3. Facebook

Facebook is the social giant on the Internet right now. I actually secretly despise social media, but it’s too effective not to use. Many marketers tell you to focus on about 30 different social networks and to build your friends lists + followers on all of them. I personally think focusing on too many is a waste of time. So to make your blog popular through social media, start with Facebook!

There are many ways you can market your blog on Facebook. You can start by sharing your latest posts with your Facebook friends. Then you can setup a fan page dedicated to your blog. It’s very simple to do if you do a little research. Primarily you should be using a Facebook fan page to build your email list and then your blog.

A fan page is like its own thing, it’s like another blog; something else you have to market. Once your fan page is up, you can use a tool like or the Facebook app NetworkedBlogs to automatically syndicate your new posts onto your fan page. From there you can invite people to like your page, setup a nice like and reveal page (Google it) or even use Facebook PPC to rapidly grow your fan base.

So many options, on top of your fan page you should be constantly networking with other like minded people, adding new friends and getting the word about your blog out there.

4. Twitter

Twitter is the second giant of social media. I personally don’t like Twitter. I’ve never really fully understood Twitter, but still it effortlessly sends me thousands of visitors every month. I actually outsource my Twitter marketing to a friend of mine who’s an expert, so I’m not the right guy to ask about it. However – I do know a little about Twitter and how you can use it to exponentially grow your blog. I guess it can be broken down into these steps:

1.Syndicate New Blog Posts Onto Twitter
2.Start Following Others In Your Niche
3.Start Re-tweeting Their Tweets
4.Tweet Other Great Content
5.Unfollow The People Who Don’t Follow You Back

That’s about it really. Share all of your posts on Twitter, follow others in your niche and re-tweet their tweets. If they don’t follow you back after a few weeks then un-follow them. Also tweet other relevant content as you come across it and encourage your blog readers to follow you on Twitter.

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